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Community Events

communityEco-Tech Waterloo Inc. is proud to sponsor and support many community events. Our focus is to promote Green thinking and provide a convenient way for our local communities to recycle their electronics.

Don't stockpile E-waste around your home or office! Recycle your old electronics and do your part to stay Green. We invite you to come out to one of our upcoming events or visit us today at Eco-Tech Waterloo.


Upcoming Events


World Jamboree Fundraiser

waterloo-scoutsThe Waterloo Scouts need your help this coming March by donating your E-waste, battery waste at Mount Zion Lutheran Church March 24th 8am - 3 pm. Funds raised will support youth attending the World Scout Jamboree in July 2019.




Event Registration

greenleafEco-Tech Waterloo Inc. is always encouraging business and residential communities to get involved. Whether you want to raise funds for a special cause or simply raise E-waste awareness in your community, hosting or sponsoring a community event is a great way to demonstrate you care for the environment.

Eco-Tech provides marketing, logistics, and necessary training to volunteers at no cost to make your event successful!


Ready to set-up your event? Register today!


Event Terms & Conditions: Eco-Tech provides logistics at no cost so long as there is a minimum of 11,000 lbs of OES-eligible materials collected by the conclusion date and time of an event.