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Battery Recycling

Power up your environmental efforts with Eco-Tech’s battery recycling service. We provide a safe and eco-friendly way to recycle your used batteries, helping to prevent pollution and conserve resources.

Battery recycling

Battery disposal poses significant environmental and health risks due to toxic and corrosive materials. Eco-Tech’s battery recycling service offers a secure solution, ensuring that batteries are processed in a way that neutralizes hazards while reclaiming valuable materials for reuse.


Recycling batteries with us reduces the need for raw material extraction, lowering environmental impact, and supports the creation of a more sustainable future. Engage in responsible battery disposal with Eco-Tech and contribute to the preservation of our planet for generations to come.

Alkaline batteries
Alkaline batteries

The IPR Program aims to divert batteries from the solid waste stream, generated by home and business consumers.

Under the program, single-use and rechargeable batteries generated in Ontario are collected by Eco-Tech.

Accepted Batteries

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