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Lamp Recycling

Illuminate the path to sustainability with Eco-Tech’s lamp recycling service. Our program ensures the safe disposal of used lamps, preventing mercury and other toxins from harming the environment.

Lamp Recycling

Lamps, especially those containing mercury, can be detrimental to the environment if not disposed of correctly. Eco-Tech’s lamp recycling service provides a comprehensive solution, safely handling and recycling lamps to extract mercury and other hazardous materials.


This careful process prevents environmental contamination, protects wildlife, and reduces the risk of health hazards associated with mercury exposure. By choosing to recycle lamps with Eco-Tech, you are lighting the way to a cleaner, safer world.

Lamp Recycling
Pile of Lamps

Stay Green with Eco-Tech and keep lamps out of the landfill! We work ethically and responsibly. All collected lamps from home and business consumers are packaged and transported directly to Certified Lamp Recyclers.


Eco-Tech is committed to providing no-cost recycling solutions however, this TBTL Program provides no subsidies and thus all lamp items do incur fees to recycle.


Recycle with Eco-Tech and get your Retrofit Program Certificate today!

Accepted Lamp Items

  • LED bulbs/tubes - Accepted at no cost

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