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Electronic Recycling

Embrace environmental responsibility with Eco-Tech’s electronic recycling service. We offer a sustainable way to dispose of your unwanted electronics, ensuring they are recycled or repurposed, reducing the environmental impact.

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Eco-Tech recommends all data be eliminated off all storage devices prior to Recycling. Items such as iPhones, or Andriod phones can be easily wiped by performing a Factory Reset.

For computer private data on hard drives, we recommend using built-in Microsoft OS tools such as System Reset or Ubuntu Linux Default Settings to wipe them. Eco-Tech also offers a paid service for physical destruction using Certified equipment to eliminate data privacy breach.


Advisory: Eco-Tech is committed to providing no-cost recycling solutions for RPRA EEE E-waste, however some items do incur fees to recycle.

On January 1, 2021, Ontario's new EEE Regulation came into effect. The regulation designates IT, Telecom, Audio/Visual and lighting equipment as recyclable items under the RPRA EEE Program.

Through a network of collection and reuse partners who have met specific standards, Electronic items generated in Ontario are eligible for diversion from landfills.

Electronic Waste

Accepted Electronic Items

  • Mixed wires: Power cables, ribbon cables, laptop chargers, AC adapters

  • Cameras: Analog, digital, web, baby monitors

  • Phones: Mobile, land-line, & VoIP

Miscellaneous Recycling

Eco-Tech is committed to providing no-cost recycling solutions, unfortunately there are no existing programs available to recycle some miscellaneous items at no cost and thus some items do incur fees to recycle responsibly.

  • Auto parts: Brake rotors, tie-rods, alternators, starters, power steering pumps; all oils must be drained 

  • Headlamps – $2.00 per unit recycling fee

  • Gas lawn mowers (Oils, and fuels must be drained)

  • Air Conditioner units

  • Small home appliances - Can openers, toasters, coffee machines, blenders, shavers, hair dryers, air purifiers, humidifiers, fans, lamps, clothes irons, electric grills, small electric ovens, slow cookers (Items must be clean of oils, hairs, & food items | Dirty Small appliances - $1.00 per lb. to recycle

  • Office chairs – $5.00 per unit recycling fee

  • Wooden folding tables – $5.00 per unit recycling fee

  • Plastic Vacuums – Bag/container must be emptied. $5.00 per unit fee if not emptied!

  • Metal Vacuums – Bag/container must be emptied. $5.00 per unit fee if not emptied!

  • Dialysis machines - $25.00 per unit recycling fee - Decontamination Certificate required

  • Large home appliances - Microwaves, dehumidifiers, electric heaters, mini bar/wine fridges, power tools, gardening power tools, sump pumps – $1.00 per unit recycling fee

  • Paper/cardbord recycling - No fees applied or value provided for clean. Dirty, paper/cardboard is garbage - $1.00 per lb to dispose |
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