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Data Destruction

Safeguard your digital data with Eco-Tech’s Destruction service, ensuring complete and secure erasure of sensitive information from your electronic storage devices.

Data destruction anchor
Samsung SSD

Physical Destruction

Employing NSA-Approved Destruction Equipment to physically destroy hard drives, backup tapes, SSDs, and smartphones ensures a thorough and irreversible destruction of data, making it impossible to recover any information from the destroyed devices. This comprehensive approach not only guarantees data security but also provides clients with a Destruction Certificate and an optional audit media report for a cost-effective rate compared to degaussing methods, which cannot be verified by the naked eye to have destroyed data.

Eco-Tech's practice of securely transporting all crushed devices to R2 Processors for shredding down to 3/4" particle size or smaller demonstrates their strong commitment to safeguarding clients' sensitive information. This secondary level of destruction not only enhances data security but also gives clients the assurance that their valuable information is well-protected during the disposal process, instilling confidence in their services.

Complete Transparency

Human Eye

Eco-Tech's approach of engaging clients in the data destruction process and issuing a Destruction Certificate upon completion reflects their dedication to transparency, customer trust, and data security. By allowing clients to witness the process firsthand and providing documentation for verification, Eco-Tech reinforces its commitment to prioritizing customer satisfaction and peace of mind in safeguarding sensitive data on supplied storage devices.

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