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Bridge into the Woods

We recycle E-waste and securely destroy your private data

 Since 2010, Eco-Tech has been a trusted and reliable recycling center in the Waterloo Region.


Eco-Tech provides a comprehensive suite of environmentally conscious services, including document shredding, electronic recycling, battery recycling, lamp recycling, data destruction, and computer repairs.

Shopping for Refurb Tech

Discover unbeatable deals on Eco-Tech's refurbished desktop, laptop computers, monitors, and accessories – your go-to for high-quality, eco-friendly tech at great prices. Upgrade your tech sustainably!

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

Feel confident in knowing we've partnered with industry leading organizations in the Waterloo Region.

Industries We Serve

Law firms, Tax Services, Provincial Elections

Financial Planers, Insurance, Real Estate

Doctors, Dentists, Wellness Centres

Retail stores, Engineering, Waste Management Firms

Eco-Tech Fleet.jpg

Eco-Tech's convenient, secure, and affordable pick-up service simplifies the process of recycling unwanted items from homes, offices, or warehouses, ensuring  hassle-free and reliable removal of IT equipment, electronics, batteries, lamps, and private documents for shredding services at their facility in Waterloo. 

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